Grindley Williams




Grindley Williams Engineering specializes in the assessment of cause, origin, duration, and reparability of property damage from natural and unnatural perils. Our experts have inspected and evaluated thousands of residential and commercial buildings.

Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse Investigation

Engineering Report Peer Review

Expert Witness Service

Forensic Geophysical Surveying

Forensic Geotechnical Analysis

Foundation Failure Analysis

Geologic Hazard Assessment

Geotechnical Due Diligence Investigation

Hail Storm Damage Investigation

Litigation Support

Material Failure Analysis

Moisture Intrusion Origin and Cause

Property Condition Assessment

Structural Damage

Structural Repair Recommendations and Plans

Sinkhole Loss Investigation

Sinkhole Stabilization Design and Monitoring

Stucco and Building Envelope Failure Analysis

Subsidence Investigation

Flooring Damage Assessment

Weather Damage Investigation

Windstorm Damage Investigation

Structural Design Services

Geotechnical Design Services

Water Damage Cause and Duration Investigation


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